Warner Bros.

Nine months out, we developed a strategy to distinguish Aquaman from the rest of the DC Universe, to frame him as the “Everyman” of superheroes. To highlight this fresh relatability, we leveraged the presence – and social following – of star Jason Momoa. Special shoot content excited fans while high-end social pieces teased an epic ride. Aquaman roared to a $67M Christmas launch, the first of three straight weekends at #1 worldwide.


We mixed high-energy, tentpole movie fun on official channels with special treats for followers of Jason’s channels. From “insider” peeks of him on the Aquaman global promotional tour to thematic content that explored the epic journey and narrative beats showcasing the undersea world, original content continually leaned into Jason’s appeal.


Working closely with WB, we developed the strategy to leverage Jason’s “everyman” appeal to distinguish Aquaman from other superheroes. This inspired our concept to announce the trailer drop to his fans on Instagram via an original video produced by bpg and shot in Hawaii. The asset was reposted on official channels. and the news quickly spread across the internet, further driving anticipation.