GLOW Season 2


The girls were back, and this time the focus was to move away from the wrestling mat, to position Netflix’ breakout comedy as a relatable female empowerment ensemble. From key art to the social campaign to a knock-out (release) “Date Announce” music video, we looked to frame their journey – trapped somewhere between dreams of fame and the struggles of everyday life.


The limo, the fanboy posters… S2 key art positioned our leads on the rocky cusp of fame. They’re close enough to see the trappings but still fighting to make the dream come true.


Written, directed, and produced in-house, our rocking “Maniac” music video caught the girls fantasizing about fame, generating waves of organic press around the S2 announcement.


Working around the music video shoot, we optimized extra time to capture character-based breakout assets – moving away from their alter-egos and the neon glow to a grittier look.


To further drive awareness of the S2 release, we created towering DOOH takeovers that conveyed real, grounded characters behind the neon focused on the journey ahead.