Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


The sequel to the massive hit Jurassic World promised epic adventure and dinos in danger. So we brought the action to life across media touchpoints – from multiple key art finishes to a hands-on social campaign that filled feeds with original content to an “Adopt-a-Dino” in-world microsite to the banner campaign. The result? We’re proud to have been part of an opening weekend that exceeded $150M+, netting the second largest opening in the history of Universal.


Our key art took over wallscapes, conveying not only larger-than-life action but that Jurassic has evolved: the park is closed, the dinos are loose, and the threat is close enough to touch.


Classic JW elements and a talent shoot inspired over 120 pieces to feed dino fever. Community management amplified big media hits while serving as the studio’s frontline responder.


We invited fans to Adopt-a-Dino and share a Certificate of Adoption, gave cover photos the “dino treatment” across NBCUniversal properties, and produced the digital ad campaign.