Robin Hood


The movement started with our original idea: partner with the Robinhood app and create a scavenger hunt to give away trading accounts stocked with crypto. And it took off from there with multi-phased real-world and online executions.

First, Lionsgate partnered with Robinhood the investment app to create a surprise at #SDCC2018. Fans following on movie social pages were given clues to help find The Hood’s guerilla-style street team where they claimed a custom commemorative coin and part of a $50,000 bounty. Each coin came with a unique code that allowed the recipient to create a personal Robinhood app account credited with a value of between $50 and $5,000 for immediate investing in stocks, options, or cryptocurrency.

Finally, leading up to the film’s release, this crypto-power partnership continues to live on through a return engagement at NYCC in October, as well as an online iteration for fans across the country. Lionsgate’s vision for Robin Hood now has a new and unexpected spirit. While the legend lives on, the blockchain will never be the same.



Crypto-Power To The People!

To excite fans and Comic-Con attendees, paid social posts announced the promotion and encouraged fans to follow the film’s channels for real-time clues. An hour before The Hood’s team hit the crowded streets, a post drove fans to Twitter to discover real-time location clues, along with a secret “complete the phrase” code that earned the first 25-30 fans to arrive a wristband that secured their spot.

Those fans then reached into a bag to pick out a satchel containing a commemorative metallic Robin Hood coin. Scratch off the card to discover both the value of the coin and the code to activating their new Robinhood trading account. The street team then zoomed away, to reappear three times a day for three straight days. Buzz built and “the people,” cued by social posts, raced to claim their (bit)coin.

Robin Hood crypto currency promo kit
Front of coin
Back of coin


For fans new to the activation, all details lived on the site – including a special surprise targeting the crypto community. To generage press interest, we permanently embedded a mysterious sign to announce the campaign within the blockchain itself: CRYPTO POWER TO THE PEOPLE. This effect was created by hand-notating 118 unique bitcoin transactions with specific characters that, when assembled in sequence, revealed the full message.
Robin Hood Crypto ASCII sharing asset