Robin Hood


The movement started with our original idea: partner with the Robinhood app and create a scavenger hunt to give away trading accounts stocked with crypto. And it took off from there with multi-phased real-world and online executions.

First, Lionsgate partnered with Robinhood the investment app to create a surprise at #SDCC2018. Fans following on movie social pages were given clues to help find The Hood’s guerilla-style street team where they claimed a custom commemorative coin and part of a $50,000 bounty. Each coin came with a unique code that allowed the recipient to create a personal Robinhood app account credited with a value of between $50 and $5,000 for immediate investing in stocks, options, or cryptocurrency.

Finally, leading up to the film’s release, this crypto-power partnership continues to live on through a return engagement at NYCC in October, as well as an online iteration for fans across the country. Lionsgate’s vision for Robin Hood now has a new and unexpected spirit. While the legend lives on, the blockchain will never be the same.