Spectrum News 1


Spectrum Networks launched a 24/7 news channel aiming to deliver hyperlocal news across LA’s many distinct communities and multicultural viewers. Our Flyover campaign introduced the brand voice via a series of aerial shots representing their “different POV” messaging, conveying both the breadth of coverage and the hyper-focus on local priorities.


To capture the “different POV” message, we took to the skies for a 5-day helicopter, drone, and technocrane shoot all over LA and Orange County that produced this stunning teaser broadcast spot.


You want hyperlocal? We created a first-time-ever tactic of location-specific creative, over 30 unique aerial billboards in a sprawling OOH campaign across Southern California.


To make the campaign feel interactive on social, we turned the tv spots into quizzes to ask the audience “How well do you know SoCal?”